Felicia grew up in Leawood, Kansas, an incredibly ordinary suburb of Kansas City. Ever since she was a child, Felicia knew she wanted to be a storyteller. At one point in her youth, she attempted to be a horseback rider, but failed miserably. Thus Felicia went back to her true passion: story-telling. Having always been involved in theater, Felicia was invited to join the Kansas City Coterie Theater’s Young Playwrights Roundtable her senior year of high school nurturing a new passion: playwriting.  After high school and eager to perform, she attempted a short stand-up routine at an open mic night.  Having gone really well—she decided to make this a hobby, as it was a marriage of her two greatest passions: writing and performing. This experience gave her the false sense of security she needed to represent New York University in TBS Network’s National Comedy Competition at Gotham Comedy Club.

Felicia earned her B.F.A in Drama at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. She devoted her time to her craft and training in the Meisner Studio.  She is particularly grateful to the program for providing a space to grow exponentially as an actor. After graduating, Felicia decided to stay in New York City to pursue a career as an actor and writer for theater, film, and television.

Currently, Felicia is having a rather difficult time defining exactly what she is. She is an artist who works through whatever medium makes the most sense in the moment. She'd love to be able to package herself in a pretty little box, but that seems rather challenging. Sometimes she writes poetry, sometimes she acts, sometimes she performs, sometimes she writes books, sometimes she writes plays, sometimes she takes photographs, sometimes she dabbles in video art... the list goes on. 

Felicia loves reading about outer space and discovering new, useful words. She is an ENFP according the the myers-briggs test and is proud to be a left-handed Leo. She enjoys traveling, yoga, making films, camping out, hiking, swimming, playing drums, playing piano, making new connections, learning secrets, online shopping, writing letters, talking about the universe, laughing about talking about the universe, listening to people, and youtube-ing. She is an avid film buff and her favorite genre is and will forever be science fiction.