The Red Trace Collective.

 The Red Trace Collective: Intimate Portraits of Women is a collection of photographs of women's "stained" panties. It serves as a platform for women to share their most sacred thoughts and feelings related to their monthly cycle. Every woman who has given permission to have her panties photographed has written a piece to go along with it.

The purpose of these photographs is not shock, nor is it political; rather, it is to open up a dialogue and create a platform of expression. It's merely an opportunity to share a very sacred part of ourselves... one that is too often riddled with shame, confusion, and misinformation. Every woman has her own unique relationship to her cycle. I realize that some may have heightened reactions to this imagery, or even this idea, and that's okay. I merely invite everyone to observe how they feel. To me, this is a celebration of the feminine. 

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i bought these for myself as a little treat because i love the frills and the powder blue. i didn't know they were a size large. i hadn't tried them on, and i couldn't return them since you generally can't return underwear (except when i was in a film, and they tried to ask for the underwear they provided me for a scene BACK to return it, without taking into consideration what a woman's underwear looks like after a full day's use). nnyway, these are some of the last of my colored thongs. i’ve been phasing in a strict all black dress code for my underwear since i don't have the money or the foresight to separate period from non-period use.


i think life is inextricable. they want you to pretend everything is cut and dry--like there are clear dividers for beginnings and ends. the truth is, it’s messy. i refused to be ashamed of that.


thank goodness for options. thinx, pads, tampons, diva cups, panty liners and whatever else. in a sea of options, i choose none of them because that is also an option. just because there is an option doesn't mean i need to take it. i'll keep my hanky pankys lined free- thanx.